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1-805-699-6834 1515 State St, Suite 7, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Riviera Therapy has expanded. We now have several skilled associates working under supervision with Jenn Kennedy, PhD, LMFT. They are available for counseling or EMDR services at fees ranging from $135-$165.

Contact them directly or ask Jenn for a recommendation.

Fiona Stone

Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist #124337
Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #9212
Tel: 805-409-7513

Using warmth and empathy, I provide a safe environment for you to explore how to strengthen your sense of self and your intimate relationships, enabling you to heal and grow authentically. I offer compassionate support to individuals and couples facing relationship difficulties, adjusting to challenging life transitions, and/or hoping to improve mental well-being.

I specialize in couples and can help you improve communication, reconnect with your partner, and deepen intimacy. My goal is to help you gain personal insight, improve relationships, and explore life’s concerns, conflicts, and contradictions. I use Attachment Theory, existential humanism (the search for meaning and self-realization) and an emotion-focused approach to help identify feelings and behaviors. I believe you are the expert on you and your experience.

I have experience with LGBTQ+ and speak German, French, Swedish and English.

Erin Headshot

Erin Kownacki, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist #129779
Tel: (805) 263-7335

My style is compassionate and straight forward. I draw from psychodynamic, somatic, DBT, and person-centered therapy styles to create an integrated experience that is tailored to each individual or couple. I work with LGBTQIA+ individuals, adults, teens, and couples. I provide a gentle and attentive space for clients presenting with a variety of concerns and can offer essential coping skills and resources specific to each person’s needs. My areas of focus are relationships, sexuality, gender identity, and intimacy/sexual issues.

I believe that every human is their own best healer. Through our work together, I can offer clarity and a new perspective through a holistic lens. I am able to educate clients on the physical and mental expression of symptoms in one’s mind and body by incorporating my knowledge of yoga philosophy and physical anatomy into our therapy sessions. This understanding of our mind & body connection can play a pivotal role in healing and growth.

I hold an RYT200 yoga teacher certification and I have completed Level 1 of the Gottman Method for couples therapy. I am BDSM and kink allied.

Annie Finch Headshot

Annie Finch, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #130349
Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, #10857
Certified Addictions Counselor, CADC I CiCA01160519
Tel: (805) 724-0915

Together we’ll help you find your best self. I am experienced in assisting clients in getting through challenging times in the areas of relationships, intimacy and sexuality, parenting, communication, mood disorders, or addiction.

I use an integrative approach to psychotherapy. Using attachment theory and neuropsychology, I weave in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, solution-focused and narrative therapies. I can help you increase your resiliency, regulate emotions and improve coping. I am experienced working with individuals, couples and families. As an ally, both personally and professionally, I have experience working with LGBTQIA+ clients.

I am trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and partially trained in EMDR. I am a certified Nurturing Parenting counselor and a certified Addictions Counselor.

sophia photo

Sophia Willis-Conger, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #133082
Tel: (805) 242-6495

I would be honored to be part of your journey of healing and growth by providing a warm and non-judgemental space to process life’s most confusing, joyful, and painful moments. My goal is to help you cultivate greater self love, awareness, and understanding. The insights that I have gained from years of my own therapy have facilitated meaningful transformations in my relationships with others and within myself; I am fueled in this work by a desire to offer that opportunity to others.

I work with youth, couples, and individuals to build on strengths, improve communication skills, and identify areas for growth. I am a member of the queer community and feel passionately about serving LGBTQPIA2S+ people. I have professional experience working with this community at Pacific Pride Foundation, at Noah’s Anchorage (a crisis shelter for youth) and during the two years that I volunteered with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua.

My approach weaves together a few modalities to guide our work: a focus on our connection (relational therapy), childhood environment (psychodynamic therapy), and experiences within the larger context of culture and society (feminist therapy) as the main sources of information. These theoretical orientations build on my training at Pacifica Graduate Institute, a program which emphasizes depth psychology (the unconscious as expressed through image, dream, myth, etc.).

I hold an undergraduate degree from Scripps College in Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies and in Latin American Studies. I offer bilingual therapy sessions in both Spanish and English. I am Reiki level 2 certified. I also offer EMDR Therapy.

Rebekah Headshot

Rebekah Lovejoy, Ph.D., AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #130001
Tel: (805) 724-2805

As a person-centered therapist, I lean into all that an individual brings with them at this moment in time, to the therapeutic process. I have training in somatic psychology, archetypal psychology, trauma informed strategies, feminist and diversity focused awareness, gender and sexuality, and evidence-based psychodynamics. I leverage this toolbox to bring forward a creative, dynamic, and compassionate process with clients that allows their authentic selves to have permission to exist and thrive within therapy, for the sake of finding personal meaning. I believe in supporting all bodies and all people and have experience working with LGBTQ+ populations, cultural and racial diversity, and neuro-divergence.

My work is strongly informed by the idea that every individual matters, that all people deserve to be seen in their uniqueness–their experience and cultures honored–and that each human needs to feel their worth, have a loving relationship with their own intuitive voice, and be in long term creative dialogue with their authentic experience. I work with individuals and couples to identify what they are feeling in the here and now–to bring techniques of noticing and naming experiences into daily practice. My own almost three decades of recovery informs a compassionate awareness of substance use and sobriety. I am a member of the queer community. I am sex positive, polyamory, and kink allied.

My experiences range from fortune 500 corporate web development, to teaching undergraduates critical thinking. I am a painter, and a published writer. I have a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and a Clinical Psychology Masters with a Somatic Psychology emphasis from Antioch University. I thrive in supporting creative processes in groups, couples, and with individuals.

Mai Headshot

Mai Timberlake, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #130350
Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #10966
Tel: (805) 316-1136

Together we can create the life you have always envisioned for yourself. My style of therapy draws from a person-centered approach, empowering you to be the author in your healing journey. My aim is to create a nonjudgemental, compassionate, and safe space for genuine understanding of your needs and goals.

I have training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and somatic psychotherapy, utilizing a holistic approach to incorporate mind, body, spirit, and emotions into the healing process. I have experience working with teens and adults struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety, life transitions, trauma, and relationship concerns, in addition to parenting and family issues. I also have experience working within the juvenile justice court systems.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Santa Barbara. I work with LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples and I am passionate about viewing therapy through a cultural lens; I am attentive to social justice issues and systemic factors that may impact a person’s sense of well-being. I am BDSM and Kink allied.

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