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Sexy Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Shopping for that special person in your life can be tough. Candles, socks, and coffee makers are old news. Why not spice things up with a gift that you’ll both benefit from? Check out our holiday gift guide below to see which sexy gifts are sure to please.

Whether you’re a novice or pro, sex toys can serve as great tools to discover new ways to get and give pleasure in the bedroom and explore what satisfies you sexually. For those in committed relationships, sex toys are a great way to add novelty, excitement and passion. For those not in relationships, it’s a wonderful way to enhance solo sex.

The Womanizer

Thus clitoral stimulator boasts 14 intensity levels and an advanced autopilot mode that lets your toy take control of your orgasm.

This luxurious stimulator ranges from a soft purr to a sheet-clenching roar. The Smart Silence function means your toy only turns itself on when it comes into close contact with your body, making slipping into play a seamless experience. Similarly, when contact is broken, the Premium will turn itself off, so if it slips from your hands in the throes of passion, no one will be able to hear.

Featuring a new and improved autopilot mode, the Womanizer Premium 2 lets the user give up control at the push of a button. When the Autopilot mode is activated it randomly switches between intensities based on the Autopilot mode the user is in – soft, medium, or intense.

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The Adventure Challenge

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom but don’t know where to start? Try The Adventure Challenge: In Bed Edition. When you think about the best sex you’ve ever had, you’re probably not remembering just a position – you’re remembering a whole experience with another person. These In Bed challenges are designed to help you create more of those remember-forever, one-for-the-books experiences – all by bringing fun and connection into the bedroom.

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Glass Dildo

Experience the unique feeling of glass. Try warming up or cooling down this toy – stick your dildo in the freezer or put it into a glass of warm water for a few minutes. This toy can give you sensations you wouldn’t feel in partner sex.

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Pelvic Dilator

Not all sexy gifts need to be toys. Some gifts can be in the form of care and therapy for your partner. Try vaginal dilators or pelvic wands. Intimate Rose Silicone Vaginal Dilators were designed by a pelvic floor health physical therapist and are made from a smooth, body-safe, medical grade silicone that’s 100% BPA free and designed to glide into the vagina for more comfortable use during dilator therapy.

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Libido Gummies

Made with a blend of natural herbs and minerals, this passion fruit-flavored libido gummy is formulated to enhance sexual desire and stimulation, increase blood flow, naturally boost testosterone, and alleviate stress.

The all-natural, daily libido supplement builds sexual arousal and confidence by utilizing a potent formula of clinically proven ingredients, adaptogens, and botanicals that support a strong and healthy sex drive.

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Massage Wax Candle

Massage is great foreplay and a beautiful way to show affection towards your partner.Light the candle for 10–15 minutes to allow enough oil to form (and it’ll help set the mood). Once you blow out the candle, the melted oil is ready to use. Because it’s oil-based, the candle has a lower burning temperature and will be warm. You can either pour the oil directly onto the skin, or apply with your fingertips and massage it in. The light and silky texture will moisturize and absorb into the skin, and can be reapplied as desired.

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Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

With 10 different modes and a remote control for ergonomic ease of use, this vibrator invites you to take things at your own pace. Whether it’s fast, slow or somewhere in between, mix things up to find your perfect intensity… or have your partner surprise you!

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Hands-Free, Wearable Couples Vibrator

This wearable hands-free clitoral vibe is designed in place during partnered sex. Perfect for partners looking to spice things up without incorporating too many logistics. Put in on and enjoy.

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Along with sex toys (in partnered sex) comes communication. Be sure to talk with your partner about your likes, dislikes, and curiosities. Happy shopping!

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